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Strategie di branding tramite l'oggetto

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Chiama ora + 39 039 61 65 93 
Customercare Italia 800 94 34 90

Strategie di branding tramite l'oggetto

+ 39 039 61 65 93 
800 94 34 90

Strategie di branding tramite l'oggetto

Memotack combined with custom plastic markers flags

SKU 444

Memotack combined with customised index flags, closed size 85x12x4 mm. Notepad with cover 30 sheets thickness, 30 bespoke index flags standard size 21×34 mm.

Gadget personalizzato con stampa dell’immagine aziendale


(Q.tà minima ordinabile)

Custom notepad with cardboard cover combined with bespoke transparent plastic adhesive-flag
Wide personalization Area

Memoplan cover detail
• Material: The cover of the Notepad is made of white cardboard
• Customization: notepad bespoke in digital printing with custom graphics on the first, the second and the fourth page of the cardboard cover
• Size: Closed-size notepad 85x12x4 mm

Detail of the notepad
• Paper block: Sheets of adhesive paper or mold-made paper
• Size: approx. 70×60 mm, glued in the head on the long side (landscape bloc-notes)
• Thickness: 30 sheets for a thickness of about 3 mm
• Personalization: The leaflets can be customized by printing the logo or a graphic from 1 up to 4 colours
• Position in Memoplan: custom notepads are pasted on the third page of the cover

Detail of markers flags
• Material: Plastic toxic PET, transparent, glossy effect
• Customization: printing 4 colours, opaque white available
• Size of the flag holder base: mm 70×47 
• Size of the single flag: approx. 21×34 mm standard
• Number of flags: 30 (10 sheets of 3 shaped flags each)
• Position in the Memoplan: The markers blocks are glued to the third page of the cover, above the Block-notes

Single pack protected by plastic on request, packing in boxes

MOQ 1000 pcs.

Optimum Quantity: 3000 pcs.



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