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Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

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Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

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Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

Drawer case for clips

SKU 681

Bespoke case, drug packaging replica. Full-colours personalized. Supplied with 50 metal paperclips. Standard size mm 100x50x25. Ask for the bespoke size.

Gadget personalizzato con stampa dell’immagine aziendale


(Q.tà minima ordinabile)

This promotional item is a practical cardboard pullout drawer case. It is a brand reminder that reproduces the packaging of your product/drug efficiently.
It is a practical, handy, roomy and refillable gadget, perfect for keeping in order every workstation. The drawer is refillable and ensures long-lasting advertising on the desk of every professional, practitioner or specialist.

The pullout cardboard drawer holds a supply of 50 clips which are supplied exclusively in assorted colours, metallic and non-rubberized.
A hidden magnet secures the clips to the top surface of the case.

• Standard size mm 100x50x25
• Cardboard 305 gr. m2
• Composed of a drawer and a sliding cover.
• Content: 50 assorted colour clips, metallic and non-rubberized

digital or offset printing on sheath and drawer

Optional customization:
• the size of the box can imitate product packaging, ask for bespoke formats!
• number of clips of your choice

MQO 2,000 cases

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