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Category: Over 2€

  • Meet adesivi Pediatrici eltairneb panda aperto
    SKU 055

    Meet Pediatric Stickers

    Meet Pediatric stickers: 2 packs of 25 stickers each, with a cardboard cover and pop-up crowner. Customized four-color process, closed format 70 x 70 mm, and 12 mm high. Diameter of each sticker: 65mm

  • Raccoglitore ad anelli
    SKU 098

    PVC binder

    PVC ring binder

    SKU 690

    Shape-it mini

    Shape-it mini is a customized corporate gadget that combines a post-it and a paper clip holder. It contains 25 metallic clips in assorted colours.

  • portafoglietti in PPL, produzioen diretta, personalizzato solostar
    SKU 726

    Portafoglietti in polipropilene

    Polypropylene sheets-holder, bespoke with logo printing. Direct production. It contains 700 sheets of mould-made paper customized from 1 to 4 colours

  • Soft mat, veterinary table cover with cardboard inlay. Full-color bespoke pharma gadget. Subject MSD.
    SKU 729

    Veterinary table cover with inlay

    Non-slip mat for the vet’s table, size 110×60 cm. Customized in full color offset, resistant protection in hand-soft PVC plastic.

  • SKU 728

    Veterinary scale cover mat

    Non-slip mat for the veterinary scale. Size cm 52×85. A four-colour bespoke paper inlay, protective surface in soft-touch Kristal PVC.

  • Copri tavolo visite veterinario personalizzato con logo aziendale soggetto Credelio.
    SKU 640

    Veterinary examination table PVC cover

    Bespoke PVC BR cover for veterinary examination table

Category: Over 2€


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