Giralò: 6 post-it on the cube (SKU 537)

Giralò post-it with 6 notepads, each one glued on a face of the cubic cardboard base

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing

GIRALO’ is a functional decision-maker gadget

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Proramillenote launched the annual Ossoduro: innovative desktop gadget award for high-school students (graphics and design).

Here at Proramillenote, we don’t need excuses to get creative, but every year we have an extra incentive.
Believing in Corporate Social Responsibility attitudes we founded the ” Ossoduro: innovative desktop gadget award” for high-school students (graphics and design).
The competition encourages underaged students to get artistic and share their masterpcs.’ design projects concerning eco-friendly desktop gadgets.

What is Giralò? The blue ribbon 2018 is a desktop gadget, shaped like a cube, covered with 6 post-it and completely customizable notepads. It’s a bit of a game, a bit of an incubator of ideas, it’s useful to write notes, and it is a nice decision-maker.
It solves multi-brand needs and, in its versatility, it is a character in search of an author.

The interaction with the gadget engages the user in the game, tickling emotions.

Last but not least, Giralò is eco-compatible and made of recycled cardboard and paper. Printing is made with vegetable-derived ink

: 2018 Edition winner
Ossoduro: innovative desktop brand reminder award
for high-school graphic design students

Designer: Alessia Quaranta
All rights reserved to Proramillenote srl

Size: 71x71x71 mm

• White cardboard core base (cube shape): mm 65×65
• 6 bespoke sticky notepads (each glued on a side of the cardboard cube)
• Suitable for multi-brand needs

• 6 post-it
• Notepad size: 64×64 mm x 25 Sheets
• Paper: Sticky paper or electro-static film (Fluo colours)

• Printing on the sheets of the post-it from 1 up to 4 colours
• Choice of paper (post-it, electrostatic)
• Bespoke notepads shape

MOQ 500 pcs.


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