Post-it "Tutto Andrà Bene" (SKU 606)

Post-it con messaggio standard “Tutto Andrà Bene”, fogli bianchi/gialli alternati in DMS (Double Message System)

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing

If you are looking for a brand reminder produced in Italy and quickly delivered, choose the post-it “Everything will be fine” with alternating white/yellow notes. Print your logo (max 2 colours) on the white post-it and match your corporate image to the positive message printed on the yellow post-it: “ Everything will be fine “. Choose the new emotional wellness post-it .

Alternate sheets of yellow/white adhesive paper 80 gr

Yellow sheet:
prints the standard message “Everything will be fine”

White sheet: customizable in 2 colours with logo print  

• 25 sheets, approximately 3 mm
• 50 sheets, approximately 5 mm
• 100 sheets, approximately 10 mm

Square formats
• 75×75 mm
• 100×100 mm

Rectangular formats
• 102×75 mm
• 127×75 mm
• 102×149 mm

Thicknesses and dimensions also made to measure, after a feasibility check

MOQ 500 pcs. 50 sheets each



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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