Perfumed product replica (SKU 569)

Scented pouch with bespoke cardboard box. Room perfumer, perfumes cupboards and drawers.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing

The personalized room-perfumer is a welcome brand reminder to be kept in the doctor’s office or the physician’s waiting room. This gadget spreads intense and exclusive essences in the rooms but even in wardrobes and drawers.

Cardboard case
Made of special cardboard: resistant and non-absorbent, the case stays clean over time, does not become moistened with perfume, does not stain and does not show streaks.
Case size: customized
Printing: full-colours offset printing§

This product is a tailor-made gadget. First, shape it as the product case or the drug packaging; then, it will become an accurate and fragrant product replica.

The perfumer consists of a sponge soaked in essence, sealed in a transparent “flow-pack” bag. When you open the “flow-pack”, the perfume will spread around for a long time, remembering the packaging and the name of your product.

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MOQ 1.000 pcs.



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