Post-it circle shape (SKU 900)

Bespoke circle shape post-it. Check out the largest collection of existing die-cuts for your circle post-it. Ask for the logo printing or taylor made shapes

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing

Circle-shaped post-it, several size

Choose a size

  1. SG-B001 Ø 71 mm (optional cardboard cover)
  2. SG-B002 Ø 68 mm (optional cardboard cover)
  3. SG-A003 Ø 90 mm (optional cardboard cover)
  4. SG-A004 Ø 88 mm (optional cardboard cover)
  5. SG-A005 Ø 65 mm (optional cardboard cover)
  6. SG-A006 68X63 mm
  7. SG-A007 Ø 95 mm
  8. SG-A008 Ø 92 mm
  9. SG-A009 Ø 80 mm
  10. SG-A010 85X82 mm
  11. SG-A011 68X68 mm
  12. SG-A012 69X69 mm oval
  13. SG-A013 100X90 mm oval
  14. SG-A014 95×60 mm half moon, semicircle
  15. SG-A015 100×64 mm arch

Number of sheets
Repositionable adhesive paper notepads: 25, 50 and 100 sheets or foliation on request

Standard customization
• Offset printing on each sheet – front side only, white back –
• Shaped post-it with optional bespoke cardboard cover

Bespoke in addition
Pantone background printing on the sheets (front side only, white back).
• It is possible to alternate, according to the A-B-A-B-A… scheme, white and yellow sheets (pulp paper colour), print on the sheets up to 2 colours even 2 different subjects

Tailor made
Ask for bespoke shapes, with or without the cover

• Post-it paper – even recycled
• Water-based inks
• Water-based repositionable glue
• Shrink film with environmental labelling available (according to legal provisions needings)

MOQ 1.000 pcs

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