Sheetholder “Crowner Display”

Cardboard box Sheet-holder with customizable header. “Crowner Display”

Gadget personalizzato con stampa dell’immagine aziendale


Il prodotto non è attualmente in magazzino e non è disponibile.

Bespoke white cardboard case, full colors logo printing on sheets and case
The “easy to assemble” bespoke cardboard display allows the message to be always visible and as attractive as a King’s crown!

Our “memo pad holder crowner” is a classical and functional desk promotional item, it’s the ideal gadget for enhancing your customer’s message and brand, an effective and long-lasting promotional item. Memo pad holder “crowner” is a must have on the desk, it is refillable and useful for any customer’s need.

Sizes available

A)  “Crowner Display”
White cardboard case
Case size mm. 95x95x48
Sheets size mm. 90×90
450 sheets in a case

 B) “Mini Crowner Display”
White cardboard case
Case size mm. 78x78x18
Sheets size mm. 75×75
150 sheet per case
Available sticky paper as well

C) “Crowner Display Cube”
White cardboard case
Case size mm. 73x73x73
Sheets size mm. 70×70
700 sheet per case

• Made in Italy
• Direct production
• Rush delivery

MOQ 300 pieces

Numero verde italia

Customercare Italia


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