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Memotack sticky notepad with crowner shaped display and bespoke plastic flags

SKU 440

Sticky Notepad with crowner, closed size mm 155×85, with cardboard cover, shaped to create a mobile advertising panel. Sticky notes combined with PET index flag markers.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


• Cover: white cardboard made
• Closed size: mm 155×85 approx
• Bespoke shape

Cover customization
• White cardboard cover printable from 1 up to 4 colours. Wide customization area.
• Shape: ask for further information

Sticky notes
• Notepad: white sticky paper
• Size: mm 102×75 approx
• Thickness: 50 sheets

Notepad customization
Customize sheets with a logo or other subject printing Details of markers flags
• Plastic, non-toxic PET, transparent
• Customization: bespoke die-cut
• 4 colours printing, white opaque available
• Size of the base of the flags mm 45X80 approx
• Number of flags: 40 (10 sheets of 4 shaped flags each)

Package: Single wrapping on request, boxed in cartons
Easy assembling

MOQ 1000 pcs.

Optimum Quantity: 3000 pcs.


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