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EUDAMED Accredited

Accredited importers of Class 1 Medical Devices

EUDAMED Accredited |

As of this year, we are importers of Class 1 Medical Devices accredited with EUDAMED

The role of “EUDAMED”
Here is unveiled the acronym EUDAMED, the European databank for medical devices.
It is the new European database, one of the cornerstones of the new regulations on medical devices and in vitro diagnostics.
Already operational, it will finally enter into force in 2024 to collect and process information regarding Medical Devices on the market, economic operators in the sector, notified bodies, clinical investigations, and supervision and surveillance.

As of this year, Proramillenote is an accredited importer with the EUDAMED Database for the importation into Italy and Europe of Class 1 Medical Devices

Doing Marketing while respecting stakeholders
With this choice, we renew our commitment to accuracy, safety and transparency in our supplies, qualities offered in support of your Ethical marketing.

EUDAMED Proramillenote SRN Operator Code IT-IM-00032942

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