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All around (CSR) Corporate Social Responsability


Our Ecovadis medal
Environmental sustainability
and social responsibility
of Proramillenote
according to ECOVADIS.

Our Ecovadis medal -ecovadis - blog - header

Doing right things for the planet

Corporate Sustainability
for a better future

An ecovadis 2023 bronze
medal for Proramillenote

Our Ecovadis medal -ecovadis - blog - hero -blog

Table of Contents

Promote corporate sustainability for a better future

We tell you all about our Ecovadis medal. In the current era of  growing concern for sustainability in the global economy, an increasing number of companies are  striving to showcase their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.
In this In this contest, Ecovadis is one of the given the prominence of major corporate sustainability assessment platforms, we introspected and willingly subjected ourselves to their evaluations.

What is Ecovadis?

Ecovadis plays a crucial role in promoting corporate sustainability by motivating companies to attain higher standards in social and environmental responsibility.
Ecovadis facilitates sustainable growth for companies through its objective and detailed assessment, contributing to a better future for the global economy and our planet.

How does Ecovadis work?

Ecovadis is an independent company, founded in 2007 and based in Paris, that specializes in providing sustainability performance assessments for businesses.
The primary objective of Ecovadis is to promote corporate sustainability by encouraging companies to enhance their social, ethical, and environmental practices.

Notre Ecovadis bronze medal - v

Benefits for assessed companies

Companies that undergo the Ecovadis assessment can enjoy numerous advantages:

Enhance reputation: a high score recognized by Ecovadis can improve the company’s perception among investors, customers, and other stakeholders, contributing to the establishment of a strong sustainability-driven reputation.
Increased investor attractiveness: as an increasing number of investors seek sustainable companies for their operations, a favorable Ecovadis rating can significantly enhance the company’s appeal and attract capital
Opening doors to new markets: in many cases, prominent customers demand evidence of sustainability, and the Ecovadis assessment can become a prerequisite for participating in tenders or collaborations.
.Identifying Improvement Opportunities: the assessment allows companies to pinpoint areas where they can enhance their sustainable practices, leading to increased efficiency and a more environmentally friendly business.


The Ecovadis platform utilizes an evaluation methodology based on a scoring system, analyzing numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) related to corporate sustainability.
These indicators encompass a wide range of topics, including:
: the assessment measures the actions taken by the company to reduce its environmental impact, improve energy efficiency, manage waste, utilize natural resources responsibly, and implement other initiatives aimed at mitigating pollution.
Labor practices and human rights: the assessment examines the company’s commitment to ensuring a fair and safe work environment for employees, upholding human rights, and combating discrimination and exploitation.
Business ethics:
the assessment evaluates the company’s ethical behaviour in its relations with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, as well as its efforts in preventing corruption or unfair commercial practices.
Sustainable sourcing:
consider the company’s policies and practices regarding purchasing from environmentally responsible and socially responsible suppliers.

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Corporate social responsibility

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