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Move post-it with double sliding cover

SKU 568

Recycled paper post-it notes with slide-show cover

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


More innovative than the standard sticky notepads, “Move” is the post-it with a double sliding cover. Animating 4 different images, or 4 different messages, the cover generates a “slide show” effect. The transition of the cover images is achieved by pulling the cardboard outwards, as indicated by the sense of the arrow printed on the sample image. Logo Move
Vidéo Move watch in less than 1 minute

“Move” communicates:
» Transformation
» Evolution
» Improvement
» Sequence
» Before/After
» Effective multibrand advertising

Move transition
• Full colours printing on the cardboard cover
• From 1 up to 4 colours on the sheets
• Paper: post-it even recycled

Move standard size
Cover 110×78 mm 8 mm
Post it 100×75 mm 50 sheets
Move large size
Cover 128×78 mm 8 mm
Post-it 100×75 mm 50 sheets

MOQ 1000 pcs.



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