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Memostep notepad



Memostep notepad: a custom multi-brand desktop gadget with stacked notepads for a unique scaling effect. Each level is uniquely shaped to represent your product, featuring full-color prints. Choose standard sizes or go fully customized. Made in Italy by Proramillenote

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

The Block-notes Memo Step is much more than just a desk gadget; it’s a powerful multibrand note-pad that grabs attention and promotes the brand creatively, featuring an eye-catching visual effect that enhances brand recall and boosts advertising effectiveness.

Memo Step is composed of notepad blocks overlapped on multiple levels, creating a cascading effect, with each level having a different shape, even the outline of your product!

Customized Memo Step Block-notes

Advertising campaign images are printed in color on each level: offset quadricolor customization on the sheets allows faithful reproduction of brand details and colors, even when printing requires a specific Pantone color. With Block-notes Memo Step, your promotional message is communicated clearly and engagingly, meeting brand book requirements. Memo Step has compact dimensions (100×148 mm) and fits comfortably on any desk, adding a useful tool with a touch of measured whimsy. The visual effect, coordinated with the advertising campaign graphics, is always pleasing on the desk.

Shaped Memo Step Block-notes: standard formats

You can choose from various standard Memostep models, including rectangular shapes or pre-shaped options, with 2, 3, or 4 levels, glued with “head glue” or “foot glue.” You can also opt for a model with completely customized shapes to meet your specific needs (starting from 3000 pcs).

Shaped Memo Step Block-notes with foot glue peelable from the top

The version featured in the main product image is particularly original and offers a model with foot glue and peelable from the top. In this model, the product shapes remain at the top, creating a “cloud effect” on the notepad once detached from the block-notes.

Made in Italy Corporate Gadget

The minimum quantity for production is 1,000 pieces: the personalized Memo Step gadget is suitable for both small and large print runs, offering flexibility and versatility in meeting your marketing needs.

Produced directly by Proramillenote, with pride ‘Made in Italy.’

logo memostep

Features of the Block-notes Memo Step

  • Dimensions: 100×148 mm e 97x150mm
  • Foot glue, shapes at the top
  • No single packaging

Standard Formats

  • 2-level Step, 2 subjects (thickness 6 mm, 60 sheets, 30 sheets per subject)
  • 3-level Step, 3 subjects (thickness 6 mm, 60 sheets, 20 sheets per subject)
  • Shaped 4-level Step, 4 subjects (thickness 10 mm, 100 sheets, 25 sheets per subject)
  • Rectangular 4-level Step, 4 subjects (thickness 10 mm, 100 sheets, 25 sheets per subject)
  • Custom Step – minimum 3,000 pieces – (number of levels and shapes on request with project and feasibility verification)

• Offset printing, customized shapes

MQO 1,000 pieces

Check out the Block-notes Memo Step in adhesive paper post-it Memotack Step

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