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Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

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Call now + 39 039 61 65 93 
Customercare Italy 800 94 34 90

Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

+ 39 039 61 65 93 
800 94 34 90

Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

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Paper that grows

SKU 210

sticky notes with cover and special inlay: paper with seeds that grows,

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

“Memotack paper that grows” is a special sticky paper pad with a cardboard cover; it is completely customizable with logo and corporate image. In the cardboard cover is inserted a standard shaped inlay made of recyclable and biodegradable “seed paper”. Once planted and watered, the “seed paper” inlay composts away leaving only wildflowers (or herbs, or vegetables) and NO WASTE!

Video seed paper

Sticky note-pad features:
• Sticky paper or sticky recycled paper note-pad
• Standard size mm. 75 x 75
• Composed of 50 sheets

Sheets customization:
• With customer’s logo
• Offset printing ¼ colours
• Paper both normal or recycled

Cardboard cover customization:
• Normal or recycled cardboard cover with pocket
• Full digitally printed with customer logo or as from our graphic department suggestion
• Shaped “seed paper” inlay, in one of our wide range of shapes available, which will grow by itself once planted and watered.

“Seed paper” inlay customization:
• Wide range of standard shake
• Wide range of standard colours


MOQ 500 pcs.
Please ask for actually available shapes and colours


Why shall You use “paper that grows”?
• It is made of recycled paper and soy-based inks
• When using “paper that grows” it’s a good deed for the planet
• It’s a safe, ecological and easy-to-use gadget for garden enthusiasts children and adults

Memotack “paper that grows” is suitable to spread your Company’s values:
• Assistance
• Growth
• Care
• Maturation
• Development
• Sustainability
• Future

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