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Post-it with POP-UP cardboard case



2 post-its with a POP-UP cardboard case. Bespoke gadget, ideal for medical professionals, comes with a sliding drawer and two post-it notes. The case, digitally printed, includes 2 post-its that can be customized with offset printing. Ask for POP-UP recycled paper. Sizes: large post-it 69×60 mm, small post-it 25×60 mm, 100 sheets.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Post-it with POP-UP cardboard case, is a bespoke gadget featuring your company’s image.
If you’re seeking an innovative, customized post-it idea … Look no further!

How does it work?
To understand the mechanics behind this innovative gadget, let’s dive into its functionality. Pulling the tab activates a fun “pop-up” effect that lifts a silhouette in the customized cardboard. As we observe the silhouette’s ascent, a drawer simultaneously opens, revealing two post-its of different sizes. This clever design effectively transforms the use of a normal post-it into an interactive, playful, and unique experience, designed to capture attention and spark curiosity.

This gadget is perfect for medicians and veterinarians.

It’s an ideal tool to convey the concepts of:

  • growth
  • lifting
  • scrolling
  • dynamism
  • playful experience
  • interactivity
  • involving emotions
  • brand values

Pop-Up Post-It with cover logo


  • White cardboard 305 g/m2
  • 2 customized post-its with 1 up to 4 colors
  • Sliding drawer


  • Closed: 97x99x10 mm
  • Large post-it: 69×60 mm, 100 sheets
  • Small post-it: 25×60 mm, 100 sheets

Customization Options

  • Digital or offset printing on cardboard case
  • Glossy or matt cardboard lamination
  • Offset printing on post-its
  • For quantities starting at 2,000 pieces, request tailored shapes.
  • Ask for POP-UP recycled paper
MQO 500 pcs

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