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Meet Pediatric Stickers

SKU 055

Meet Pediatric stickers: 2 packs of 25 stickers each, with a cardboard cover and pop-up crowner. Customized four-color process, closed format 70 x 70 mm, and 12 mm high. Diameter of each sticker: 65mm

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


Meet pediatric stickers are a colourful, fun and circle-shaped gadget, made up of removable labels and ideal for gratifying and recognizing the courage of young patients after a pediatric visit. The pediatrician can use them as a medal to reward the child, and the little patient can apply them anywhere without leaving a trace of glue because the adhesive is removable. Furthermore, our “Meet” models offer a surprise effect: when the gadget is closed, it is compact and space-saving, but when the doctor opens it, the size doubles and a fully personalized 2-sided mini display appears, which puts highlight your advertising, the packaging photo or your logos.

• Closed format of 70 x 70 mm and height of 12 mm
• 2 packs of 25 stickers each (optional 30+30 stickers)
• Diameter of each sticker 65mm
• 305 g/m2 cardboard also available recycled

• four-colour printing on the stickers, with 2 different subjects.
• four-colour printing on the cardboard

Meet Pediatric Stickers | Producer | Meet Pediatric stickers 2 packs of 25 stickers cardboard cover and pop up crowned Four color process size 70x70x12 mm ⌀ 65mm

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MeetPediatric Stickers
made with recycled cardboard

MQO 2000 pcs

Discover Meet box with drug imitation case

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