A4 Notebook Wire-O Luxury Series (SKU 032)

A4 Luxury Wire-O Notebook. High quality finishing

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing

• Size: A4 210×297 mm
• Standard paper notebook: mold-made 80 g paper
• Standard thickness: 150 sheets (15 mm)
• Wire-o: Metallic over size spiral
• Hard cover
   Cover and under block made of grey cardboard, glossy or matt lamination
Tailor made
• Print from 1 up to 4 colours on the sheets and on the cover

Optional cover features:
Lamination: Glossy or matt lamination
Dry impression: Glossy or matt tone-on-tone, 3d effect
UV spot:
   Elegantly combines parts with glossy and matt lamination
Elastic band closure:
   Flat or circular
Pen Holder elastic band

Optional features on paper sheets:
» Bespoke thickness
   • Number of sheets
   • wire-o size
» Drilling
   • Micro-perforation for precise tearing of sheets
   • Hand-drill for ring binders
» Paper types
   • Recycled paper
   • Coloured paper
   • Multicolour paper
» Organizer effect
Multicolour paper with printing (organizer, sorter, classifier)
» Advertising
   One or more bespoke advertising inlay. Custom made four colour printing.

MQO: 500 pcs.

• In Boxes
• Optional: paper band closure
• Optional: thermo-welding
Individually wrapped in a clear heat-sealed film


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