Cardboard face-mask-holder (SKU 634)

Bespoke cardboard face-mask-holder with corporate image. For surgical masks.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing

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Protect and transport your spare “surgical” facial mask in a safe tailor-made cardboard case. Pocket size.
Place the mask inside the case, get it safe, it will not be necessary to touch the mask with your hands!

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Size when folded:
Thickness 8mm

Cardboard face mask holder
• Material: 305g/sqm
• Bright lamination on both sides
• Finish: trimmed with rounded corners and a slot for the elastic bands
• Washable: use an alcohol-based detergent
• Customisable with digital print
• Reusable
• Mask not included

Bespoke digital printing

Available ppl mask holder

Minimum quantity: 500 pcs.

Packaging options:
Standard packaging: Die-cut, not folded, 500 pcs.’ boxes
Optional packaging:
a) Die-cut, non-folded, 50 pcs.’ sachet
b) Die-cut, folded, single sachet (sachet size 105×75 mm)
c) Die-cut, folded, single bag, bespoke cardboard inlay 4+4 colour (inlay size 150×120 mm)

Made in Italy

MOQ 500 pcs.



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