Veterinary examination table PVC cover (SKU 640)

Bespoke PVC BR cover for veterinary examination table

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing

Bespoke PVC BR mat for veterinary examination table. It protects veterinary grooming beds, examination tables, and animal weights scales. 

Material: transparent PVC BR,  thickness mm 0,40, engraved

The pet will only come in contact with the top side of the mat, the upper side it is NOT anti-slip.
The backside, in contact with the table, is a non-slip side.

Bespoke top side
NOT anti-slip
• From 500 pcs. (MOQ) to 1,000 pcs.: screen printing, 1 or more colours and with white screen-covering background
• From 1,000 pcs. offset process printing with white offset-covering background

Bespoke backside:
NON-slip side
• Screen-printing with standard non-slip ink
• Screen-printing with non-slip ink, custom subject

Each table cover comes with a protective sheet on the back in white hand use paper, packing into cardboard boxes or packages in wrapping paper. No single packaging.

MOQ 500 pcs.



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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