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Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

Memotack Cilindric shape



Memotack, zig-zag sticky notes. Accordion memopad, with customizable cardboard cubic dispenser box

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Memotack, replaceable sticky zig-zag notepads with customizable cardboard cylinder shape
Cardboard cylindrical dispenser, it contains a sticky zig-zag notepad

It comes very handy on everybody’s desk; the next sheet pops up as soon as you take a note in a concertina movement

Packaging: cylindrical cardboard, standard sizes, customizable with graphics

Sticky Memopad Size
• 69×75 mm
Thickness: 50 or 100 sheets
Sheets: customizable with printing from 1 up to 4 colours
Tailor-made size: on request
Sheets: white or yellow paper

Choose a zigzag notes dispenser for your next product launch. 

Bespoke processing
» Alternate the sheets in white adhesive paper with yellow ones
  ask for information about customization with this processing, request printing on sheets of up to 2 colours
» Ask for printing on sheets with 2 different subjects
  ask for information about customization with this work, print on sheets up to 2 colours.
» Other sizes and special processing on request.

MOQ 1000 pcs.


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