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Customized post-it notes and notepads, corporate gadgets

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Post-it notes Puzzle with Cover



Bespoke Post-it Puzzle with Cover: a versatile tool for multi-brand marketing and product advertising. This gadget offers customizable sheets and covers. Request it to be made from eco-friendly materials.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Introducing the bespoke Post-it Puzzle with Cover, a unique gadget solution that combines practicality and branding.
The theme of these adhesive paper notebooks revolves around the concept of a “puzzle,” allowing you to incorporate your corporate imagery for a personalized touch.
This innovative product is available in various shapes, including two rectangular sizes, two square sizes, or even a heart shape, providing versatility to suit your specific needs.
Each notebook features a removable glue strip conveniently placed at the centre, ensuring easy and efficient usage.
The puzzle theme is achieved through die-cutting techniques.

Bespoke post-it Puzzle with cover


  • 4 or 6 sticky jotters shaped “puzzles”
    (the number of blocks depends on the shape)
  • Cardboard cover
  • Suggested thickness of the jotter: 30 sheets


Bespoke creations

  • On the sheets: printing from 1 up to 4 colours
  • On the cardboard cover: printing from 1 up to 4 colours
  • Choose the outer shape: rectangle or square
MQO: 1000 pcs

Look at Puzzle post-it notes without cover

post-it puzzle rectangle big size 200x150mmpost-it puzzle square 132x132mmpost-it puzzle square 120x120 mm

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