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Category: Veterinary ADV

  • A5 notebook with die-cut PPL spiral cover, closed
    SKU 018

    A5 Wire-O notebook PPL cover and die-cut

    A5 spiral notebook, A5 wire-o notebook with PPL cover and die-cut representing logo, gadget for doctors. Resistant PPL cover, personalized with logo printing even on the sheets, 99 sheets thickness, available A4-A5-A6, minimum 500 pcs

  • Post-it doppio
    SKU 687

    Meet Box

    Standard Meet Box: closed size 77x55x33 mm, with double post-it notes measuring 75×52 mm (glue side) and containing 50 sheets each. The box comes in an imitation drug case measuring 80x53x21 mm, and offers four-color customization.

  • Produzione diretta. Sottociotola in PPL gadget per medici veterinari.
    SKU 225

    Dog bowl mat

    Pet mat, ideal gadget for those who love cats and dogs, but also the clean floor. Useful for customers of hotels or B&Bs that host pets.

  • Soft mat, veterinary table cover with cardboard inlay. Full-color bespoke pharma gadget. Subject MSD.
    SKU 729

    Veterinary table cover with inlay

    Non-slip mat for the vet’s table, size 110×60 cm. Customized in full color offset, resistant protection in hand-soft PVC plastic.

  • SKU 728

    Veterinary scale cover mat

    Non-slip mat for the veterinary scale. Size cm 52×85. A four-colour bespoke paper inlay, protective surface in soft-touch Kristal PVC.

  • Copri tavolo visite veterinario personalizzato con logo aziendale soggetto Credelio.
    SKU 640

    Veterinary examination table PVC cover

    Bespoke PVC BR cover for veterinary examination table

  • Copri tavolo visite veterinario personalizzato con logo aziendale soggetto Credelio.
    SKU 639

    Non-slip veterinary table cover

    Non-slip table cover for veterinary visits

  • Post-it con adesivi memo rotondi SKU 703 Vetoquinol - Falpreva
    SKU 703

    Post-it with memo stickers

    Post-it and removable stickers. Personalized gadget for physicians and vets. Useful for the doctor for his notes, the “memo” stickers will be given as a gift to the patient or pet owner so that they can be applied to the home calendar so as not to forget the date of taking the drug or administering the pesticide.

Category: Veterinary ADV


Tailored Advertising for the Pharma industry in the vet office

Tailored gadgets for veterinary medical practictioner.

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