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Gift Award

Meet and Meet Box,
recognized as the top
communicative gadgets
of the year 2023.

Meet and MeetBox,
acclaimed as the finest Communicative
Products of 2023.

Our Meet and MeetBox models have been honored with the 2023 Promotional Gift Award in the Communication Gadgets category. This esteemed European award is presented by the Cologne publishing house WA Media, which, for the past two decades, has been recognizing the year’s finest promotional gadgets alongside its roles as a multimedia service provider and event organizer.

Meet and MeetBox,
extensions of the concept

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Meet is an evolution of the traditional Post-its, designed by the young Italian designer Pavel Nobili. With this innovative promotional item, you can add an exclusive ‘wow’ effect to a simple pair of sticky notepads. When you open Meet, you will unveil a pop-up advertising display positioned between the two Post-it notes.

Corporate social responsibility This new model, for which all rights are reserved to Promillenote, is the result of our company’s collaboration with specialized high schools in advertising graphics. Every year, our company hosts a competition, now in its fifth edition, focused on creating innovative desk reminder brands made of paper and cardboard. The Meet model claimed first place in the fourth edition of the #Ossoduro award, which took place during the 2021/22 academic year. It was designed by the student Pavel Nobili.
Ethical gadget
All Meet models are produced by Promillenote at the Arcore factories. Both the project and manufacturing are proudly ‘Made in Italy’ and employ sustainable production methods. Proramillenote achieved an ESG score of 73 in 2022


Take a look of
PGA press review

The evolution of Meet

Pavel Nobili’s model has led to the creation of several variations. Beginning with the standard Meet, a double Post-it with a crowner, the Meet Box was developed in standard, maxi, and vertical sizes.

Meet Box standard

MeetBox is an extension of designer Pavel Nobili’s original Meet model. Meet’s flat, double-sided crowner takes on a three-dimensional form in MeetBox, effectively turning into a small, functional box. When opened, MeetBox mimics the packaging of the customer’s product and is particularly well-suited for replicating pharmaceutical packaging. Both “Meet” and “Meet Box” provide the utmost customization in terms of printing, shape, size, and the number of sheets.

Take a look at MeetBox standard
size 75x50x30 mm, 2 post-it 50X75 mm

Meet Box Maxi

Meet Box Maxi is an innovative desk set that includes two Post-it pads and a personalized pencil case designed to resemble the product itself. It is now available in the MAXI version. The cover, made of laminated cardboard, provides ample space for customization with drug or product advertising. Upon opening the flaps, it reveals the two Post-it notepads and creates a surprising ‘wow’ effect by displaying the product’s packaging.

MeetBox Maxy: size 105x75x30. 2 post-it 107×75 mm

Meet box vertical

MeetBox Vertical is the latest addition to the standard model, and it features the typical double Post-it design, resembling the appearance of a vertically oriented medicine case.

Take a look at
MeetBox Vertical
size 72x52x35 mm, 2 post-it 70×50 mm

Meet pediatric stickers

To demonstrate the versatility of this model, we also highlight the Meet pediatric stickers version. Meet pediatric stickers are a colourful, friendly and circle-shaped gadget, made up of removable labels and ideal for rewarding and recognizing the courage of small patients after a pediatric visit. The pediatrician can use them as a medal to reward the child, and the little patient can apply them anywhere without leaving a trace of glue because the adhesive is removable. Furthermore, our “Meet” models offer a surprise effect: when the gadget is closed, it is compact and takes up little space, but when the doctor opens it, the size doubles and a fully personalized 2-sided mini display appears, highlighting highlight the advertising, the packaging photo or the customer’s logos.

Take a look at Meet Pediatric stickers
size 70x70x12 mm, double block of circular stickers diameter 65 mm.

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