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Category: Special combos

  • Giuliani rotating calendar with post-its and page marker flags Post-it revolving calendar and 5 page marker flags bespoke desk calendar
    SKU 021

    Post-it revolving calendar and 5 index

    The Post-It Revolving Calendar is a personalized gadget designed for doctors and professionals, featuring a desk calendar with personalized post-it notes and neon page markers. It is an economical option ideal for multi-brand promotions.

  • Pop-Up Post-It with cover
    SKU 740

    Pop-Up Post-It with cover

    Customized Post-It featuring a Pop-Up cover with your company logo on cardboard. Equipped with a sliding drawer and two Post-It notes, this gadget is perfect for doctors and pharmacists. Its dimensions when closed are 97 x 99 x 10 mm, with a larger Post-It measuring 69 x 75 mm and containing 100 sheets, as well as a smaller Post-It at 25 x 75 mm, also with 100 sheets, available in recycled paper.

  • Post-it doppio
    SKU 687

    Meet Box

    Standard Meet Box: closed size 77x55x33 mm, with double post-it notes measuring 75×52 mm (glue side) and containing 50 sheets each. The box comes in an imitation drug case measuring 80x53x21 mm, and offers four-color customization.

  • Post-it doppio Meet con crowner
    SKU 686


    Meet: 2 post-its with cardboard cover and pop-up crowner

    SKU 690

    Shape-it mini

    Shape-it mini is a customized corporate gadget that combines a post-it and a paper clip holder. It contains 25 metallic clips in assorted colours.

  • Memotack covered combined sticky notes memoplan
    SKU 461

    Memotack shaped jotters with hard-cover and page marker set

    Mashed up Memotack sticky shaped jotters with hard-cover and page marker index flag set

  • Magic dice organizer. Taylor made notepad
    SKU 243

    Magic dice organizer

    Magic dice organizer, compact multifunction notepad

Category: Special combos


Mix and match different notepads in the same promotional object. Ecological papers, electrostatic post-its, page marker flags… the add a pen or a ruler to create endless custom combinations of composite objects. Suitable for the most creative advertising proposals, use combined notepads to convey the corporate image at events, creating desk kits, for the office, the store and the professional’s office.

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