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Category: Soft cover

  • Double Post-it Meet Box Maxi Voltadvance
    SKU 069

    Meet Box Maxi 2 post-it

    Meet Box Maxi: closed size 105x77x35 mm, designed to imitate packaging (105x74x21 mm). The size of the 2 post-it notes is 102 mm (glue side) x 75 mm, each containing 50 sheets. It features a large cardboard case resembling a drug or product packaging, personalized using a four-colour printing process. Produced by Proramillenote.

  • SKU 074

    Vertical Double Post-it

    Personalized vertical Meet Box available in four colours, featuring 2 post-its with 50 sheets each. Comes in two formats: a larger closed format measuring 66x80x33 mm with 2 post-its measuring 61 mm (glue side) x 75 mm, or a smaller closed format measuring 52 x 75 x 33 mm with 2 post-its measuring 52 mm (glue side) x 75 mm. This custom gadget imitates the vertical packaging of medications and is produced directly by Proramillenote

  • Post-it doppio
    SKU 687

    Meet Box

    Standard Meet Box: closed size 77x55x33 mm, with double post-it notes measuring 75×52 mm (glue side) and containing 50 sheets each. The box comes in an imitation drug case measuring 80x53x21 mm, and offers four-color customization.

  • Post-it doppio Meet con crowner
    SKU 686


    Meet: 2 post-its with cardboard cover and pop-up crowner

  • MiniOrganizer_Drovelis_Gedeon
    SKU 390

    Post-it with cardboard cover and paper index

    Cardboard cover sticky notepad with paper index Memotack (closed 8×13 cm). Bespoke post-it with soft cover and paper index flags

  • block-notes adesivo con copertina e bandierine di plastica
    SKU 050

    Post-it with cover and PPL page markers

    Post-it con copertina e segnapagina PPL. Copertina personalizzata in quadricromia, post-it con stampa logo fino a 4 colori e bandierine segnapagina colori fluo – formato chiuso 8×13 cm

  • Post-it doppio con copertina in cartoncino, personalizzato Probe Nat Dosi Plus Pizeta
    SKU 384

    Double sticky notepad

    Bespoke double sticky notepad product case imitation

  • Rollo-gadget-personalizzato-con-3-post-it
    SKU 698

    Rollò brand reminder: 3 rolling post-it

    Rollo’ is the new office gadget made up of 3 sliding post-its. Personalize the cardboard support with the image of your advertising campaign. Rollo’ is a promotional Italian design, useful and innovative, space-saving on the desk and very effective in enhancing the image of the company.

Category: Soft cover


Mix and match different memo pads within the same cardboard case: ecological papers, electrostatic post-its, page marker flags. You can add a pen or a ruler to create endless custom combinations of composite objects. Suitable for the most creative advertising proposals, use combined notepads to convey the corporate image at events, making desk kits for the office, the store and the professional’s office

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