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Paperclip holder drawer


SKU 660

Customized paperclip holder drawer gadget mimics drug packaging. Available in 2 sizes: 83x62x20mm, 110x70x25mm, durable 305gsm cardboard. Supplied with 100 metallic clips, resembling medicine packaging. A lasting brand reminder for doctors’ desks.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

This customized paperclip holder drawer mimics pharmaceutical or retail packaging. It’s available in two sizes: 83x62x20 mm and 110x70x25 mm, both made of durable 305 g/m² cardboard. Featuring a drawer and sliding lining, it holds 100 metallic paperclips in various colors. The design resembles pharmaceutical packaging, making it a perfect brand reminder for doctors. Once the paperclips are used, it doubles as a handy organizer for small desk items. A lasting brand presence on the doctor’s desk.


  • mm 83x62x20
  • mm 110x70x25


  • cardboard gr 305 m 2 high thickness
  • consisting of drawer and sliding cover
  • content 100 clips in assorted colours


  • the format of the carton can mimic that of the drug
  • digital or offset printing on sheath and drawer
  • number of clips of your choice
MQO 1,000 cases
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