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Pediatric stickers with header



Pediatric stickers with a customized header. Bespoke pediatric gadget. Diameter 60 mm circular stickers, personalized case. The set includes 40 removable stickers featuring 2 different subjects (2 packs of 20 stickers for each subject). Size: 143×105 mm, with a thickness of 5 mm.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


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Pediatric stickers with header, bespoke paediatric gadget.

Circular pediatric stickers with a diameter of 60 mm, accompanied by a personalized case. The set includes 40 removable stickers featuring 2 different subjects (2 packs of 20 stickers per subject). The box dimensions are 143×105 mm, with a thickness of 5 mm

Discover our pediatric stickers with personalized headers; they are the perfect personalized pediatric gadgets to gratify the doctor’s young patients and the paediatrician themselves. Our removable stickers are colourful, featuring fun graphics designed especially for children, making the medical experience more enjoyable, reassuring, and effective. Each ‘medal’ sticker contains a rewarding message acknowledging children’s bravery during their visits to the healthcare provider.

These peel-off labels are a long-lasting, cost-effective gadget to promote your brand at pediatric clinics. The personalized pediatric stickers, more compact than the pediatric sticker models with cases, have an important feature: they prevent the removal of the personalized part. The personalized header is connected to two packs of sheets, each containing 20 shaped stickers. Each adhesive sheet is perforated, allowing easy tearing and delivery to the young patient without detaching it from the main sheet.

Our double pack of medal labels offers a unique opportunity to promote your corporate branding in the long term. Additionally, the low cost makes custom pediatric stickers an economical option for your advertising efforts.

• Cardboard head and cardboard base for enhanced durability.
• The set includes 40 circle-shaped stickers, divided into 2 different subjects (2 packs of 20 stickers per subject).
• Size: 143 x 105 mm, with a thickness of 5 mm and stickers measuring 60 mm in diameter.
• Removable glue that does not damage the surfaces to which the adhesive is applied. These features ensure that our personalized pediatric stickers are resilient, versatile, and safe to use without causing any harm to the applied surfaces

• The header of the stickers is printed in full colour, allowing for vibrant and eye-catching designs.
• A glossy finish with lamination is an optional feature for an added touch of elegance.
• The subject of the stickers can be customized according to your preferences, with the option of four-colour printing.

Discover how our personalized pediatric stickers can enhance the experience for your young patients while effectively promoting your corporate brand. Contact us today to learn more about our customization options and to request a quote.

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