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Post-it Zig-Zag avana Kraft cube



Post-it Zig-Zag avana Kraft cube. 8 cm corrugated cardboard cube customizable with digital printing: 70x75mm sheets, 2 colors, and white or white/yellow paper. Optimal for packaging and transformers. The ideal gadget for eco-messages.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

The Avana Kraft Cube, crafted from eco-friendly Avana corrugated cardboard, serves as a valuable tool for packaging businesses.
Moreover, Avana cardboard showcases natural tobacco and hazelnut hues. Transitioning smoothly, you can easily customize the Zig-zag Post-it Cube through digital printing for logos or campaigns. This versatile cube offers 70x75mm adhesive sheets, variable thickness, and 2-color printing on either white or white/yellow paper.
Ideal not only for the cardboard industry and transformers but also for individuals seeking to convey an eco-friendly message.
Moving on, the cube case is entirely customizable through digital printing, allowing for the inclusion of logos or campaign images.
Furthermore, the Zig-zag Post-it Cube provides adhesive sheets (70×75 mm) with options for 50, 100, or customized thickness.
To add a personal touch, personalize with 2-color printing, choosing between white or white/yellow paper. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select up to 2 interchangeable print subjects A/B.


Zig-zag avana post-it Cube

  • Material: avana corrugated cardboard, natural tobacco color, light hazelnut brown
  • Shape: cube with an 80 mm side
  • Case customization: digital printing

Zig-zag Post-it

  • Sheets: 70×75 mm
  • Thicknesses: 50 sheets, 100 sheets or more
  • Material: white adhesive paper, also alternated white/yellow

Sheet customization:

  • Paper color: white, alternated white/yellow
  • Print subjects: max 2 interchangeable print subjects A/B A/B
  • Print colors: max 2 colors for each print subject
MQO: 1000 pieces
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