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Meet Box

SKU 687

Standard Meet Box: closed size 77x55x33 mm, with double post-it notes measuring 75×52 mm (glue side) and containing 50 sheets each. The box comes in an imitation drug case measuring 80x53x21 mm, and offers four-color customization.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


Meet Box is a new bespoke brand reminder. It consists of 2 post-it and a cardboard box customized with digital printing.
The case is tailored as a product imitation.
The laminated cover protects 2 post-it and offers a large customization area.
Opening the cover reveals the 2 post-its and lifts the product packaging with a wow effect.

Meet Box
and advertising meets design

Meet Box | Meet Box closed 75x50x30 mm cardboard case full colors printed in the appearance of medicine packaging It comes with a double sized 102x75 mm post it note

Meet Box ranked FIRST IN THE COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS CATEGORY at the Promotional Gift Award 2023 held by WA Media publishing – Cologne, for over 20 years.

This new brand reminder Meet Box was designed by Pavel Nobili, first classified in the #Ossoduro Award – Edition 4 (“Ossoduro” sounds as “Tough guy”). Proramillenote conceived the competition, held every school year since 2017, to get innovative and exclusive desktop gadgets designs from the students attending the higher courses in advertising graphics.
All rights on Meet Box and its variations are reserved to Proramillenote.

Meet Box | Meet Box closed 75x50x30 mm cardboard case full colors printed in the appearance of medicine packaging It comes with a double sized 102x75 mm post it noteRequest “Meet Box Ecology”,
“Meet Box Ecology,” our environmentally friendly solution
made with recycled cardboard and paper.

305 g/m2 cardboard case
Customized in digital printing
Size closed: 77x55x34 mm
Case: 80x 53×21 mm

White/or yellow  adhesive paper mm 75×52 (glue side)
50 sheets each
Customized from 1 to 4 colours

Singly packed in cellophane
All rights reserved to Proramillenote
Ask for the other available die-cuts
Also available in vertical format

MOQ: 500 pcs

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