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Customized post-it notes and notepads, corporate gadgets

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Production d’articles promotionnels en papier, PPL et PVC

Animal-shaped post-its



Tailored animal-shaped post-its for pet lovers and more. Ideal for any business sector to strengthen brand connections. Perfect for pharma VET and non-profits, promoting brands and supporting animal causes. Check our among 100 standard shapes or request a custom die-cut. Gadget for veterinarians.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Bespoke animal-shaped post-its for everyone

Available animal shapes for post-its

  1. Shape SG-C001 Butterfly 98×70 mm
  2. Shape SG-C002 Fusion Cat 94×95 mm
  3. Shape SG-C003 Paw 70×70 mm
  4. Shape SG-C004 Cat 69×82 mm
  5. Shape SG-C005 Dog 70×83 mm
  6. Shape SG-C006 Cat 93×92 mm
  7. Shape SG-C007 Bear 95×95 mm (also with cover for 50-sheet post-its)
  8. Shape SG-C008 Fox 93×96 mm
  9. Shape SG-C009 Fish 73×63 mm
  10. Shape SG-C010 Turtle 97×69 mm
  11. Shape SG-C011 Fox 77×70 mm

Also, check out:

  • Shape SG-F010 2 Cows seen from above 102×73 mm (SKU 905)

Pet-shaped post-its for pet lovers in every business sector

Direct interaction between people and companion animals creates strong emotional bonds. Additionally, spending time daily with pets brings joy, unconditional love, and mental health benefits. Moreover, our relationship with pets reduces stress and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Consequently, customizing animal-shaped post-its with company logos or messages is a marketing strategy designed to evoke kindness and engagement in every business sector.
Choose the most suitable shape from our archive of the most popular pet-shaped post-its to promote your campaign message or request a custom shape tailored to your needs.

Animal-shaped post-its for veterinarians

This effective gadget for veterinarians increases brand visibility and is useful on the desk in the veterinary office. Furthermore, animal-shaped post-its promote the brand by highlighting its commitment to animal welfare; they are a highly appreciated company gift that contributes to strengthening the emotional bond between industry professionals, pet owners, and the pharmaceutical company itself.

Post-its in the shape of animals for non-profit organizations and causes

Customized animal-shaped post-its represent an ideal opportunity for organizations dedicated to animal health and environmental protection.
These creative products support the animal welfare cause and are engaging tools to promote the organization’s mission.
Customizing these gadgets with animal shapes effectively communicates values of care and dedication towards animals, capturing public attention and raising awareness about the necessity of protecting animals and biodiversity.
Using recycled paper-shaped post-its can also facilitate fundraising, engaging supporters, and spreading the message of environmental conservation.

Pet-shaped post-its … but not only!

Animal-shaped post-its are an ideal giveaway for pharmaceutical companies specializing in the VET sector in any specialty area. Find the perfect shapes among our 100 most popular shapes or request a custom shape, we have ideal shapes for every specialty area:

  • Shaped post-its in the form of companion animals
  • Post-its shaped as gadgets for zootechnics, dealing with the health and management of livestock such as cattle, swine, sheep, and goats.
  • Post-its shaped as gadgets for equine veterinary medicine focused on the care, health, and well-being of horses.
  • Post-its shaped as gadgets for reptile veterinary medicine, involving the care of peculiar animals such as reptiles, small mammals, tropical fish, and unconventional birds.
  • Post-its shaped as gadgets for wildlife veterinary medicine, dealing with the management, care, and conservation of wildlife, including injured or ill wild animals.

Technical Specifications

Post-it Thickness:
Pads in repositionable adhesive paper of 25, 50, and 100 sheets or custom sheet counts.

• Offset printing on each sheet – single-sided only –
• Option to affix shaped post-its to a customized cardboard cover

Special Processing:
1) Option to print colored Pantone background on each sheet (single-sided only).
2) Possibility to alternate white and yellow sheet colors (paper pulp color) in A-B-A-B-A… pattern, maximum two-color printing on sheets and also two different subjects.

Request your personalized shape, with or without a cover.


  • Post-it paper also available in recycled paper
  • Water-based inks
  • Water-based repositionable adhesive glue
  • Optional shrink film with environmental labeling

Perfect desk gadgets for events and fairs

Made with high-quality materials to ensure excellent adhesion and customizable with full-color printing from 1 to 4 colors.
Our shaped post-its are ideal as promotional gifts to offer during corporate events, veterinary sector fairs, or as gifts for clients and collaborators.

Shaped post-its with covers for veterinarians

You can add covers to some shaped post-its: besides those already indicated in the photo gallery, check out shaped post-its with cover SKU 094

MQO 1,000 pcs
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