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Customized post-it notes and notepads, corporate gadgets

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Vase-repellent for animals Volcane



Volcane: dissuades pets and protects doors corners

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Volcane is a gadget customizable With corporate logo. It is designed for pharmaceutical companies and for companies that deal with the feeding and welfare of the animal.
It is an excellent tool to spread institutional logo and therefore can be destined to any company that wants to promote its image binding it to a civic sense and decorum.

Volcane replaces the plastic bottles filled with water which, usually, are located at the sides of the doors of the houses and the commercial activities. It is useful to deter the pets from doing their own needs. Volcane is an elegant element of design.

Made in transparent plastic, light and very stable, Volcane can be placed at the sides of entrances, doors and commercial activities, simply filled with water. Although conical in design, reminiscent of a volcano, the wide base makes Volcane very stable, preventing it from spilling.
Moreover, stripping of its function, but elegant and original in its forms, can become an original flower vase or a firm doors of design.

Base size: approx. cm 18×12
Height: 28 cm
Material: Plastic
Weight: 260 g
Water Containment Capacity: 1 lt

MOQ 1000 pcs.


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