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Category: Novelties

  • A5 notebook with die-cut PPL spiral cover, closed
    SKU 018

    A5 Wire-O notebook PPL cover and die-cut

    A5 spiral notebook, A5 wire-o notebook with PPL cover and die-cut representing logo, gadget for doctors. Resistant PPL cover, personalized with logo printing even on the sheets, 99 sheets thickness, available A4-A5-A6, minimum 500 pcs

  • Post-it doppio
    SKU 687

    Meet Box

    Standard Meet Box: closed size 77x55x33 mm, with double post-it notes measuring 75×52 mm (glue side) and containing 50 sheets each. The box comes in an imitation drug case measuring 80x53x21 mm, and offers four-color customization.

  • Post-it doppio Meet con crowner
    SKU 686


    Meet: 2 post-its with cardboard cover and pop-up crowner

    SKU 690

    Shape-it mini

    Shape-it mini is a customized corporate gadget that combines a post-it and a paper clip holder. It contains 25 metallic clips in assorted colours.

  • block-notes adesivo con copertina e bandierine di plastica
    SKU 050

    Post-it with cover and PPL page markers

    Post-it con copertina e segnapagina PPL. Copertina personalizzata in quadricromia, post-it con stampa logo fino a 4 colori e bandierine segnapagina colori fluo – formato chiuso 8×13 cm

  • Rollo-gadget-personalizzato-con-3-post-it
    SKU 698

    Rollò brand reminder: 3 rolling post-it

    Rollo’ is the new office gadget made up of 3 sliding post-its. Personalize the cardboard support with the image of your advertising campaign. Rollo’ is a promotional Italian design, useful and innovative, space-saving on the desk and very effective in enhancing the image of the company.

  • 4 sticky notepads, 4 different die-cuts. Bespoke printing. Ambiented
    SKU 457


    Memotack step notepad, sticky paper made. Size 100×80 mm, bespoke printing

Category: Novelties


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