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Post-it with memo stickers



Post-it and removable stickers. Personalized gadget for physicians and vets. Useful for the doctor for his notes, the “memo” stickers will be given as a gift to the patient or pet owner so that they can be applied to the home calendar so as not to forget the date of taking the drug or administering the pesticide.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Is your patient careless and doesn’t know how to plan the medicine intake?
Or he’s a pet owner who needs help administering medication to your four-legged friends?
This brilliant bespoke gadget makes it easier to plan the medication. Post-it with Memo Stickers consists of a post-it and a sheet pack of removable stickers. It is a corporate gadget helpful for physicians’ and vet’s notes. Giving the sticker to patients allow them to apply the “memo” sticker to the home calendar so as not to forget the date of taking or administering the medicinal product.


  1. Post-it size: mm 102 x 75 of 100 sheets
  2. White cardboard cover
  3. Pack of 40 x 75 mm sheets of 50 sheets with 2 round stickers each for a total of 100 “memo” stickers


  1. Offset printing on post-its
  2. Digital or offset printing on the front and back cover
  3. Offset printing on stickers

Individually packed in shrink wrap

Minimum order 1,000 pieces
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