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Customized post-it notes and notepads, corporate gadgets

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PVC A5 medical prescription pad holder


SKU 332

PVC A5 medical prescription pad holder with company logo! Personalized cover, refillable pocket for prescription-pad or notepads. Transparent glossy PVC version with full-colour printed and sealed sheets. Satin opaline PVC version with 0.5 mm polypropylene core, logo printed on the front and back covers.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Purchase your PVC A5 medical prescription pad holder with your company’s logo printed on it!
This personalized notepad holder ensures the durability of A5-sized notepad while serving as a long-lasting brand reminder.
The PVC cover provides ample space for personalization through two cardboard inlays, recto-verso full-colors customized.
The back cover pocket allows for easy insertion and replacement of the A5 notepad.
The PVC A5 medical prescription pad holder is a modern and practical A5 notepad holder, making it an ideal customized promotional item for use in studios, offices and homes. It is suitable for various types of companies and product categories.

Gadget for doctors and the pharma world

PVC A5 medical prescription pad holder

Available in two versions:

  1. Satin opaline PVC with PPL inserts, customized through silk-screen printing.
  2. Transparent glossy PVC with digital or offset printed cardboard inserts.

Both versions feature a paper pocket on the back cover, allowing the insertion of one or two post-it notes or a pack of papers with pediatric stickers.

In the transparent glossy PVC version, two sheets of sealed paper are placed inside the cover of the transparent clipboard, digitally printed on both sides for maximum and long-lasting customization.

In the opaline version, the cover contains a 0.5 mm transparent satin polypropylene core, giving the clipboard a semi-rigid, elegant, and discreet effect.

The front and back covers can accommodate one or more coloured silk screens of the company logo, visible even when the block is inserted in the internal pocket.


  • Format: A5 notepad
  • Material: Transparent PVC
  • Finish: glossy or opaline effect

A5 notepad holder

  • Cover: Personalized paper drowned with digital or offset printing in black and white
  • Back Cover:
    • Plastic pocket with sheet or business card holder function
    • One or two personalized post-its
    • Pack of 30 personalized pediatric stickers
  • The third cover serves as a notepad pocket or refillable notepad holder. Once the recipe book is used up, a new one can be easily inserted into the designated pocket.
MQO 500 pcs
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