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Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

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Call now + 39 039 61 65 93 
Customercare Italy 800 94 34 90

Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

+ 39 039 61 65 93 
800 94 34 90

Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

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Rulers or bookmark in recyclable PPL

SKU 334

Eco-friendly PPL bookmark & ruler. Personalized gadgets with digital four-color printing on white (2 sides) or transparent satin (1 side).

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Rulers or bookmark in recyclable PPL. Our eco-friendly bookmark is made from recyclable PPL (Polypropylene)! This personalized gadget is the perfect addition to any desk, and we’ve made sure it’s both functional and environmentally conscious.

Designed with a slim and lightweight profile, this bookmark is ideal for easy mailing without adding bulk. Its digital printing customization allows you to express your personality or display your logo prominently on a large area.

The practical ruler, available upon request, comes with a precise graduated scale in centimeters or other units of measurement. Made in Italy, this gadget ensures quality craftsmanship and swift delivery.

Main Features:

  • Slim and lightweight design for bulk-free mailing
  • Large customizable area to showcase your logo’s personality
  • Durable gadget for prolonged brand exposure
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable material for a sustainable choice
  • Proudly crafted in Italy, guaranteeing fast delivery and top-notch quality

Support options include two colors: white or satin transparent. The bookmark boasts a thickness of 0.5 mm, and its rounded corners provide added safety during use.

Personalization Options:
• Four-color digital printing on both sides (white support)
• Four-color digital printing on one side (transparent satin support)
• Special formats available upon request

Standard Formats:
a) 200x80mm
b) 210x57mm
c) 230x75mm
d) 240x65mm
e) 270x85mm
f) 310x65mm

Choose our ecological bookmark and make a positive impact while promoting your brand!

MOQ 500 pcs


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