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Shaped post-it jars, bottles, vials, tubes



Post-it notes in the shapes of jars, vials, and bottles. Post-it in the shape of a cream tube. Die-cut standard shapes and custom shapes, personalized with logos to promote any business. Gadgets for doctors, pharmaceutical advertising gadgets for any medical field (dermatologists, nutritionists, as well as cosmetics).

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


(Minimum quantity order)

Shaped post-it jars, bottles, vials. Tube shaped post-it notes and post-it shaped like a spry bottle.
Post-its in the shape of plastic or glass containers. Perfect for the pharmaceutical industry, explore our range of die-cuts resembling pharmacy, nutrition, and beauty products.
Customize your post-it notes with our selection of specialized dies!
Our collection includes various shapes: post-it shaped like a spry bottle, post-it jars, tube shaped post-it notes and post-it vials. Find the perfect fit for your requirements!
If you don’t see the shape you need, request a custom design.

Shaped post-it jars, post-it bottles, post-it vials


Standard shapes

  1. Shape SG-H001 53×135 mm for post-it vial
  2. Shape SG-H002 56×122 mm for post-it bottle
  3. Shape SG-H003 120×50 mm for post-it probiotic container
  4. Shape SG-H004 69×69 mm for post-it jar
  5. Shape SG-H005 69×71 mm for post-it cream jar
  6. Shape SG-H006 75×95 mm for post-it tea package
  7. Shape SG-H007 80×80 mm for post-it spry bottle (optional cover – 100 sheets)
  8. Shape SG-H008 75×95 mm for post-it jar of hazelnut cream
  9. Shape SG-H009 46×70 mm for post-it vial-shaped
  10. Shape SG-H010 43×97 mm for post-it spry bottle
  11. Shape SG-H011 66×66 mm for post-it jar
  12. Shape SG-H012 120×70 mm for post-it rectangle with spry bottle
  13. Shape SG-H013 80×80 mm for post-it spry bottle (optional cover – 100 sheets)
  14. Shape SG-H014 71×71 mm for post-it arch
  15. Shape SG-H015 60×95 mm for post-it cylinder
  16. Shape SG-H016 87×64 mm for post-it dispenser

Tube shaped post-it notes

  1. Shape SG-H017 100×97 mm for post-it shaped like a rectangle with tube
  2. Shape SG-H018 94×94 mm for post-it shaped like a square with tube (optional cover – 50 sheets)

Post-it in the shape of a bottle

  1. SG-H019 Mold 95×70 mm for personalized post-its in the shape of a rectangle with a bottle


Post-it Thickness
Repositionable notepads are available in 25, 50, and 100 sheets, or customizable upon request.

Customization Options

  • Offset printing is available on each sheet in white only.
  • Option to affix shaped post-its to personalized cardboard covers.

Special Processes

  • Pantone background on each sheet (limited to white paper).
  • Alternating A-B-A-B-A… colour scheme between white and yellow sheets (paper mixture colour), allowing printing with a maximum of 2 colours or 2 different designs.

Tailored Solutions
Request your personalized shape, with or without a cover.


  • Post-it paper is also available in recycled options.
  • Water-based inks.
  • Water-based adhesive for sticking and easy release.
  • Option for heat shrink film with environmental labelling.

Also, explore the paper notepad (not adhesive) in a jar shape.

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