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Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

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Call now + 39 039 61 65 93 
Customercare Italy 800 94 34 90

Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

+ 39 039 61 65 93 
800 94 34 90

Paper and PVC made promotional items manufacturer

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Shaped post-it anatomy die cuts

SKU 908

Shaped post-it anatomy. Shaped Post-it notes featuring human anatomy. Direct production for medical professionals, pharma ADV gadgets. Discover the largest collection of existing templates for your bespoke medical and pharma post-it.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

(Minimum quantity order)

Post-it anatomy. Shaped Post-it notes in the form of anatomical parts, specific shapes for the pharmaceutical and medical world.

Doctor’s Gadgets


Anatomical Part-Shaped Silhouettes

  1. Shape 72×101 mm SG-I001 nose (with vertical glue) suitable as a gadget for the otorhinolaryngologist
  2. Shape 70×120 mm SG-I002 head, half bust, figure suitable as a gadget wherever person and human capital are central themes
  3. Shape 90×85 mm SG-I003 hand suitable as a gadget for the orthopedist
  4. Shape 90×65 mm SG-I004 hand
  5. Shape 94×65 mm SG-I005 hand (optional cover)
  6. Shape 69×96 mm SG-I006 stomach (max 50 sheets) suitable as a gadget for the gastroenterologist or gadget for the nutritionist

Post-it Thickness
Repositionable adhesive paper notepads of 25, 50, and 100 sheets or custom pagination available upon request.


  • Offset printing on each sheet – in white only –
  • Possibility to attach the shaped post-it to a cover in customized cardboard

Special Processes

  1. Possibility of printing a colored pantone background on each sheet (in white only).
  2. Possibility of alternating, following the A-B-A-B-A… scheme, the color of the sheets white and yellow (paper pulp color), maximum 2-color printing also 2 different subjects


  • Request your customized silhouette
  • With or without the cover


  • Post-it paper also available in recycled form
  • Water-based inks
  • Water-based adhesive glue
  • Possible heat-shrinkable film with environmental labeling
Minimum quantity 1,000 pcs
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