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Customized pregnancy wheel



The personalized obstetric ruler promotes the gynecological area of your pharma brand. It calculates the weeks of pregnancy and the due date, linking the concepts of trust and the health of expectant mothers to your brand. A perfect gadget for gynecologists.

Bespoke gadget with corporate image printing


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Customized pregnancy wheel

The customized pregnancy wheel or gestogram is a useful tool for gynecologists and midwives when they are examining an expectant mother in the gynecologist’s office.

Medical gadgets: the personalized gestational disk

The pregnancy wheel is a useful gift for expectant mothers, but it is also a perfect gadget for promoting the brands of healthcare companies and products related to pregnancy an
The added value of the personalized gestogram lies in its potential for customization.
By printing company logos on the pregnancy wheel along with additional information, the ruler becomes an effective promotional vehicle for medical or cosmetic products aimed at expectant mothers.
Reinforce messages focusing on the health and well-being of pregnant women and their babies,.
Build brand trust and recognition by offering an item that concretely improves the quality of life for expectant mothers.

Fun fact: the obstetric ruler is known as

  • Pregnancy wheel
  • Gestogram
  • Gestational disk
  • Pregnancy ruler (abbreviated P-ruler)
  • Pregnancy disk
  • Obstetric wheel

How the P-Ruler Works

It consists of two overlapping, rotating laminated cardboard disks.
The P-ruler allows calculation of the weeks of pregnancy and the estimated due date.
The outer disk, 12 cm in diameter, shows the months and days of the year, while the inner disk, 10.2 cm in diameter, displays the 40 weeks of pregnancy.
An arrow at the beginning and one at the end of the 40 weeks helps to identify the estimated due date.
To use the obstetric ruler, simply align the beginning of the first week on the upper wheel with the first day of the last menstrual period: the arrow at the end of the 40th week will indicate the estimated due date. The precision of the information about conception is crucial for monitoring the growth and health status of the fetus, as well as establishing the estimated due date.

Features of the Personalized Pregnancy Wheel

  • Double disk in 305 gm² cardboard
  • Glossy lamination
  • Outer disk 120 mm
  • Inner disk 102 mm
  • Metal central rivet


  • Digital or offset printing depending on quantity
  • Front printing
  • Back printing
Minimum quantity 1000 pcs


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